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Author's guidelines
  • Full papers
  • Posters
  • Oral presentations
  • Posters awards

  •  Full papers

    The full text of oral presentations and posters should be submitted by e-mail no later than April 15, 2004.
    Acceptable submission formats are Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf).
    Papers will be published in the conference proceedings (a CD‑ROM will be remitted to participants at the conference) and will be available online on this site.

    The full text of oral presentations and posters should not exceed the following limits:

    Oral:         eight A4 pages (21  29.7 mm)
    Poster:      four A4 pages

    Authors are requested to comply with the following guidelines and to use the attached Microsoft Word sample document.

    1. Download the sample document and save it under the reference indicated in the “notification of acceptance” message.
    2. Enter your text in the document following the sample presentation:
      1. Chapter headings: Abstract, Introduction, Paragraph 1 ... Paragraph n, Conclusion, References
      2. Paragraph styles and spacing
      3. The total length of the text including figures, diagrams, tables and spaces must not exceed 8 pages for oral presentations, or 4 pages for poster presentations.
    3. File size: please do not exceed 1.2 MB.
    4. Figures: figures and diagrams should be saved in JPG format, numbered and provided with captions. If figures must be saved as separate files, please include the figure number in the filename.
    5. Send your document in both Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format to the following e-mail address: by clicking the “Submit full text” link and attaching the files.
      Do not forget to indicate the paper reference in the message subject line.


    Download the template file
    Submit your full text (.doc) and (.pdf)


    Reserved space for posters will be A0 format (800 mm  1200 mm).
    Authors are requested to indicate the poster reference (indicated in the mail of acceptance notification) in the upper right-hand corner of their poster.
    Posters may be set up beginning Monday morning, June 21. All supplies necessary to set up the posters will be provided by the conference organizers.

     Oral presentations

    The following equipment will be available in the conference room:
    • Overhead projector
    • Video projector and computer (with Microsoft PowerPoint installed)
    • Slide projector

    Any of the following media can be used for oral presentations: slides or transparencies, CD‑ROM or 3" diskette.
    To include the files in the conference room computer, prior to the beginning of the conference, it would be suitable that each speaker send his presentation to the conference secretary before 18th June

    • Invited speakers (Monday 21 June)
      Each presentation lasts 30 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion
    • Invited speakers (22, 23, 24 June)
      Each presentation lasts 15 minutes + 5 minutes of discussion

     Posters awards

    Details of the competition

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